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Get a Quote for Tow Truck Insurance Today

Tow Insurance Programs


If you will provide the information requested on the underwriting checklist and a Completed Questionnaire, we can go to work to earn your business. Please complete and return the Towing Questionnaire and provide the following information to get a quote.

Tow Truck Checklist

Driver List

Driver list to include:

  • Name As on License

  • Date of Birth

  • License Number for Each Driver

Include this list of experience:

  • Years of Driving for You

  • Years of Previous Tow Truck Driving Experience

  • Years of Commercial Driving Experience (if the driver has less than three years of tow truck driving experience)

Vehicle List

Vehicle list to include:

  • Year and Make

  • Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)

  • Full Vehicle Identification Number

  • Original Cost New If Physical Damage Is to Be Written on Vehicle

  • Type of Truck ([WL] Wheel Lift, [RB] Rollback, [T] Tractor or [PU] Pick-Up)

Please include the on-hook or cargo limit to be quoted on each truck.

Loss Runs

Company loss runs for five years (current and four prior years). Note that some companies only require four years in total. The extra year that is not needed can make a difference in pricing. Better information can influence an underwriter.


Your insurance company or companies must produce loss runs within 60 days of your renewal date. New loss runs are required every year because prior year loss runs can change with late reported losses that can affect prior year loss runs.

Prompt Service

With the basic information, applications can be completed with only a minimum amount of your time (15 minutes or less in many cases). We will submit your account to all our markets and secure the best quotes available to us.


Our markets can usually provide quotes in less than two weeks when they have all underwriting information available. Some markets may be able to respond within two days or less.

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